Born in San Francisco, California, to artist parents. She moved 26 times before she graduated from High School. Learning how to “see” the world around her was an ongoing lesson. Father was a well known artist (Williamson Mayo) and Mother was a graphic artist/art teacher, who went on to become a Para-psychologist. Ultimately resulting in the book “The Multi-dimentional Mind”

Art became the language by which she expressed herself, as well as the place she would go to escape from external stressors. By age 10, she was creating 3D soft sculptures to sell at the local “head shops”…At age 14, she became obsessed with american indian beadwork and created an unknown number of beaded headbands and beaded belts on the loom. Fabric was the next medium, and she began to create all her own clothing for school… Batik and Tie Dye were explored for years, resulting in many an art fair and creating extra cash flow. At age 21 she came to Maui to visit her father in Hana…and never left. Ultimately settling on the Big Island, she now lives in Keaau.

Then she began her house building projects… House designs became ever more “exotic” incorporating stained glass and mosaic tile, as well as non-traditional architecture. (She drew all her own house plans)

In the meantime, she worked a “real job” as a therapist ( Bachelors in Elementary Education, Masters in Family Counseling, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor) for 15 years. She worked primarily with troubled “local” adolescents in rural schools in Hawaii, but local politics, administrative power trips and managed care, drove her into early retirement. “It was never the kids!”

She is back to what she truely loves… ART! This website is designed to showcase some of the stuff she enjoys most which is “wearable art”. She believes that every woman deserves to be a “goddess” and art should be usable and functional. She hopes you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed creating it!